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Smile Gallery

Single Tooth Replacement

Dr. Oppenheimer used a mini dental implant in this case to replace a single missing front tooth. As you can see here, beautiful esthetics are achieved with the careful use of small diameter implants. This patient was able to eliminate his 'flipper' removable partial and now treats the implant like it is his own tooth.

Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implant and Crown

Veneers By Dr. Oppenheimer

Lumineers for 10 teeth

Restore The Entire Mouth

Sometimes time goes by and your teeth are your last worry. When you finally take the time to take care of yourself, call Dr. Benjamin Oppenheimer. He has helped thousands of patients restore their mouth so they can feel good about their smile again. In this example, a grateful patient of Dr. Ben's had broken down and missing teeth. Using dental implants, mini dental implants, and full bridges our patient was able to smile with confidence.

Mini Dental Implants For Denture Stabilization

Excess wear on your teeth can cause the bite to close together resulting in an unattractive smile and even pain. These worn, unhealthy teeth were removed and a full denture was created to open the bite. This patient did not like the fullness of a thick upper plate so 6 mini dental implants were placed to retain a small horseshoe shaped reinforced denture with no palate.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Years of abuse sometimes necessitate a complete revitilization of the mouth. Combining all porcelain crowns, veneers, dental implants and whitening, Dr. Ben restores this patient to proper function and beauty

GlamSmile/Lumitray lumineer veneers

Patient wanted a fast and painless solution for stained teeth. We decided on Glamsmile now Lumitray technology from Lumineers. Beautiful result without shots or drilling!

Dental Implant for missing canine tooth

Dental Implant to replace missing canine tooth

Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers

Traditional Porcelain Laminate veneers. look how dramatically just 6 veneers can change the whole smile.

Teeth Whitening

12 Porcelain Laminate Veneers Close Spaces

Laser Gum Reduction

Using the newest diode laser technology, Dr. Ben reduces a 'gummy' smile for a beautiful cosmetic result.

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